Manage your customers' sales, monitoring and security efficiently.
Simplify your business.

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Partner Center allows you to manage your customers' security and accurately control their service subscriptions, thanks to an easy-to-use cloud-based Web platform.



Close more deals,

Create trials simply while pitching the solution, all in one call.

Sell and assign the number of licenses required in each transaction, without having to wait for vendor approvals and with no minimum licenses per sale.

Remotely manage your
customers' security

Install and deploy your services remotely, without the need for costly onsite visits.

Identify and resolve your customers' incidents from a single dashboard.


Manage your
customers' life-cycle


Cancel customers' accounts or service subscriptions. Unused licenses will be automatically assigned to your account.

Get higher
profit margins

Enjoy greater discounts and profit margins by purchasing volume licenses, and sell them as you need.

These licenses will only be activated when they are assigned to a customer from Partner Center.



License management

  • All the licenses you purchase are automatically added to your partner account so that you can directly assign them to your customers from the dashboard.
  • Cancel your customers' services or licenses with a click.
  • Recover unused licenses and assign them to new or existing accounts.
  • See a full history of assigned licenses.

Customer management

  • Create trials simply.
  • Automatically renew your customers' licenses.
  • Cross-sell and upsell directly from the dashboard.

Security management

  • Install and deploy your services remotely, without the need for costly onsite visits.
  • Resolve your customers' incidents more quickly.
  • Identify security incidents from the dashboard.

Teddy Gabbart, CEO, Scholastic Communications, USA

"We have customers that are on their third renewal contract with Panda Security, a clear sign that our partnership with Panda is yielding great results."

Anthony Sanstorm, Owner, Sanstorm Systems, UK

"In the time that we have been working with Endpoint Protection, we have had a customer renewal rate of practically 100%."

Rowena Halford, Product Manager, Insight Security Software, UK

"Insight find Panda Security to be an extremely supportive and proactive partner to work with. The Panda product set is a valuable addition to the security category and as a result, forms part of Insight's overall security portfolio."

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Roy Miehe, CEO and President, AAAntivirus, USA

"In turn, my customers receive immediate technical assistance and information on the security status of every device on their network at anytime and from anywhere. And I can better service infected or threatened end-devices thanks to new advanced search functions and customized security reports."

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Rob Walter, Director of Operations, Data Solutions Inc, USA.

"The setup and monitoring has become a key service we now offer to our MSP clients, and a fast-growing product in our solutions line."

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