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The most advanced and harmful malware does not leave a trace or bring attention to itself, for the same reason traditional antivirus are totally ineffective.

Panda Advanced Protection Service is a new security model which can guarantee complete protection for devices and servers by monitoring and controlling the behavior of each process running on every computer throughout the organization. This solution leverages innovative technologies to determine the precise nature of every file.




Traceability and visibility of each action taken by the applications running on a system.
Zero-day and targeted attacks are blocked in real-time without the need for signature files.
Forensic information to analyze each attempted attack in detail.
Blocking of applications and isolation of systems to prevent future attacks.



"There is widespread agreement that advanced attacks are bypassing our traditional signature-based security controls and persisting undetected on our systems for extended periods of time. The threat is real. You are compromised; you just don’t know it."







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Panda Advanced Protection Service monitors the behavior of all applications running on Windows servers and endpoints, generating file behavior data which is processed in the cloud by our Big Data infrastructure, and thereby ensuring our protection stays one step ahead of latest generation malware.




Comprehensive monitoring of applications allows us to:

Endpoint Monitoring
Continually monitor anything run on users’ devices and the action taken by applications, such as access to the registry, external communication, etc.
Identify origin of threats
Identify the root cause of threats, their entry point, infected computers and their implications.
Full traceability
Traceability of infections from the source of the threat, how it entered the customer’s network, which route it took and the extent of the infection.
Storage of data history
Determining when any given attack commenced in order to accurately evaluate the extent of the infection and its consequences.



Big Data Analytics
Scalable Big Data Analytics and data mining technologies in the cloud to achieve highly accurate results when cataloging processes running on endpoints.
Controlled environment
Comprising real devices in our cloud to obtain all relevant information on the behavior of applications run by users. Machine learning systems in the cloud analyze hundreds of characteristics of each file.
Cloud-based Engines
Cloud-based machine learning engines, evaluating over 2 thousand characteristics per file.



Trustability level
Blocks all applications that are not trusted by Panda Security.
Extended Blocking mode
Prevents all unclassified applications from running until the automated systems and Panda Security’s expert team have analyzed and assessed the level of danger.



"18% of new malware goes undetected during the first 24 hours and 2% is still not detected three months later"



"18% of new malware goes undetected during the first 24 hours and 2% is still not detected three months later"



Precise monitoring of running applications.

In the Basic Blocking mode, Panda Advanced Protection Service examines all the actions of the applications running on the system and only blocks processes classified as malware or which attempt to run exploits. In Extended Blocking mode however, all unclassified applications are prevented from running until Panda Security experts and the automated systems have analyzed and assessed the potential degree of danger.
Protection of vulnerable systems

Where systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer (e.g. Windows XP), and consequently no longer updated, they become a surefire target for latest generation attacks. You can still protect them against all types of malware with a light and highly robust security solution that doesn’t require installing a resource-intensive antivirus that will slow down the system.
Protection of intellectual assets against targeted attacks

No application designed to steal your organization’s intellectual assets will be able to run. The incalculable value of your intellectual property will be safe on systems protected by Panda Advanced Protection Service.
Light, easy-to-deploy solution

Panda Advanced Protection Service is based on a light agent (20 MB) which is easily deployed with software distribution tools in just a few minutes. No further configuration is needed, nor server or database infrastructure to benefit from all the capabilities of this solution.
Identification and blocking of unauthorized programs

Not only can you detect hidden or targeted threats, you can also prevent bona-fide programs from running in order to guarantee productivity or corporate responsibility. 1
Daily and on-demand reports

Administrators immediately receive a warning when threats are detected on the network, and a detailed report indicates the location, the devices infected and the action taken by the malware. Administrators can also receive a daily report by email detailing the service activity.
Simple, centralized administration from a Web console

Administrators have a single, centralized console that supports any Web browser to manage the security and productivity of all Windows workstations and servers including mobile devices and remote offices.
Forensic report

The location of all computers running a specific program, detailed specifications of all events (files accessed or created, communications, etc.) for each process and the identification of critical vulnerabilities on running applications are just some of the options available to managers to get key forensic information for internal investigations.

You can also see heat maps with data on where applications are connecting from, from which countries applications are downloading software, etc.


1 This feature is to be included in the forthcoming release of Panda Advanced Protection Service scheduled for the second half of 2014.