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Certification and training

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Through the Panda Certified Channel Program, our partners will have access to all the tools required to gain in-depth knowledge of our solutions. By taking part in this certification program, the professionals in your company will obtain the credits needed to increase the level of association.

Initially, certification and training for all members of the Panda Partner Program will be delivered online, through the Partners Portal, with direct access to Panda Security’s eCampus.

In addition, for the new Panda Certified Channel Program, there will be courses and certifications for each case. There will even be face-to-face courses for certain product lines.


Requirements for the two training formats Description
Registration Obligatory initial training in the components of the required certification.
Exams At the end of each course there is an evaluation test.
Certification Obtained on completing all required training courses, and passing the corresponding tests satisfactorily.
Duration Individual: Once individual certification has been obtained, this will be valid for the following 12 months.

Company: The level of certification of the company will depend on the number of individual certifications which must reach or exceed the required level.


In addition to certification obtained through the Panda Certified Channel Program, Panda Security partners with access to the Partners Portal can, at any time, access the Panda eCampus, where they can get knowledge and training regarding Panda Security solutions.