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GateDefender Integra & Performa (legacy)

Product Documentation

GateDefender Integra & Performa (legacy)

Software version: 4.00 and older.

Models: Integra SB, Integra 100, Integra 300, Performa 8050, Performa SB, Performa 8100, Performa 8200, Performa 9050, Performa 9100, Performa 9200, Performa 9500.

GateDefender Integra

Product Sheet.
Installation Guide and services.
Restore guide.
User guide.
'How-to' guides for configuring VPNs with GateDefender Integra (version 1.01).

How-to: How to configure PPTP VPNs roadwarrior (remote user) to gateway (office).

How-to: How to configure L2TP VPN tunnel roadwarrior (remote user) to gateway (office).

How-to: How to configure VPN SSL roadwarrior (remote user) to gateway (office).

How-to: How to configure IPSEC roadwarrior-to-gateway using The GreenBow Client.

How-to: Configure IPSEC gateway-to-gateway.

How-to: Configure SNAT.

How-to: Configure DNAT in order to publish internal services via Internet.

How-to: How to configure SSL VPN tunnel gateway (office) to gateway (office).

How-to: Configure the Web access in various Integra interfaces.

How-to: Practical guide to configuring high availability in GateDefender Integra.

Description of the SNMP database.


GateDefender Performa

Product Sheet.
Product Sheet for Partners.
Web filter Product Sheet.
Installation Guide.