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Managed Service Providers

Solutions for telcos and service providers

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SMBs face the same problems and challenges as large companies, yet without the same resources to deal with them. That's why they need professional help to manage and protect their IT devices and networks. By By offering cloud-based solutions such as Panda Cloud Protection and Panda Cloud Systems Management, service providers can meet these market demands and provide value-added services.

With Panda Security, managed service providers will increase their ARPU (average revenue per user) quickly and easily. With no need to invest in servers, no upfront costs, and a pay-per-use model, MSPs will be able to offer remote security and monitoring services to their customers quickly and without financial risk.

The solutions incorporate an innovative Web-based administration console that allows service providers to centrally install, configure, and monitor customers’ security and devices. Panda Security offers much more than a simple security product license as it helps organizations lower operating costs and increase business opportunities.


Panda Cloud Protection

Available as a monthly subscription model, Panda Cloud Protection – Panda Security's cloud-based anti-malware service – is an innovative service hosted by Panda Security and managed by security providers (MSPs), which delivers uninterrupted, hands-free protection for endpoints, email and Web traffic.

Benefits of Panda Cloud Protection for MSPs

  • No need to invest in infrastructure
  • Flexible, remote installation and management of all customers
  • Management service offered as an added value
  • Complete security monitoring thanks to its Web-based Service Provider Console
  • Customizable console and reports to strengthen your brand
  • Financial flexibility and enhanced operational efficiency
  • 24/7 availability

Panda Cloud Systems Management

Panda Cloud Systems Management is the ideal solution for MSPs looking to professionalize and/or extend their remote monitoring and management services. It helps organizations increase employee productivity and reduce costs by offering a single, cloud-based remote management and monitoring tool accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Panda Cloud Systems Management helps you increase your revenue through a single tool that lets you expand your service portfolio and increase the number of managed accounts without investment in staff or infrastructure.

Benefits of Panda Cloud Systems Management for MSPs

  • Increase your margins, reducing the costs and time dedicated to each customer account
  • Expand your customer base and solution portfolio with new remote monitoring services
  • Detect and meet customers’ technological needs quickly and easily: out-of-date hardware, third-party software and license management
  • Increase renewal rates by anticipating incidents before they occur, resolve problems in an automated, non-intrusive way, and demonstrate the value of your work through the solution’s activity reports
  • No need to invest in infrastructure
  • 24/7 availability
For more information, on how to add Panda Cloud Protection to your services profolio, please refer to our business model benefits brochure and our MSP´s specific offer.

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