Tips to help shield your reading devices

Today, April 23rd, we celebrate World Book Day. Literature has evolved greatly in recent times, both in the way we enjoy it and the way we consume it. How we read, in the digital realm, has changed. In today’s on-the-go society, it is becoming...


Do and Dont’s of Cybersecurity for your business

  Do’s and Don’ts of cybersecurity for your business Train your employees. Their security knowledge will save your company from a lot of problems. Pay attention to mobiles and tablets, not just computers. Be careful with links that you receive...

Panda Security - Safer Internet Day 2016

Simple tips on how to make every day a Safer Internet Day

Nearly everyone browses the Internet on a daily basis, be they children or adults, and although we work hard on making every day a safe day, it’s never too late to remind ourselves of the possible risks associated with browsing online. Tomorrow,...


How to spot if an ATM has been tampered with

After a period of relative calm, ATMs have fallen back under the spotlight of cyberattacks. The change from traditional credit and debit cards (those with the magnetic band) to integrated chip cards, which are more difficult to copy, along with...

christmas gifts

10 tips to avoid unwanted surprises this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and with it comes the usual round of parties and celebrations. This means that our spare time is taken up more than usual, which has an effect on how we complete our gift shopping. The easiest way around this for most...