How can I stop people from connecting to my Wi-Fi?

Paying for a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection at home only to find out that your neighbor is stealing the signal from you is pretty annoying. Not only is it frustrating, but there is also the legal aspect to think of – everything that is viewed...


5 tips for protecting your YouTube account

Videos, videos, and more videos! The millions of YouTube users are probably unaware of the dangers when surfing the platform looking for the next viral hit. However, this Google service is in the eye-line of many cybercriminals. Through phishing...


10 tips to stop cybercriminals from ruining your vacation

Now that we’re entering into that time of year when planning your summer getaway is high on the agenda, there are always some things we can do in order to divert burglars’ attention from our vacant houses – don’t leave all the curtains and...

game boy

If you like videogames, check out these safety steps!  

The good times are rolling for videogame companies as the sector has witnessed sustained growth in the last few years and, luckily, 2015 doesn’t look like it’s about to break this trend. According to recent estimates by Newzoo, an industry...

wifi airport

Public WiFi networks. Are they safe?

Airports, hotels… On vacation we also spend the whole day connected to the Internet. WhatsApp has in many countries become an essential tool for personal communication. We all want to be able to check Facebook, post photos on Instagram, tweet...