Online Children

Eight things your kids shouldn’t do online

It’s not unusual nowadays to hear people say that if you want to know how to operate any technical device, ask a child, and they’re not kidding! Computers, tablets or smartphones with Internet access are all a part of children’s lives and kids...

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Mass emails without BCC and other unsafe (and illegal) habits

Either by mistake or ignorance, your company may be facing a hefty fine. You may ask yourself why? The answer, the daily emails your employees send to multiple clients massively. Do they send them using blind carbon copy (bcc)? Inside the Spanish...


What is Sextortion, and how can it affect your business?

Sexting can affect your company. Although it seems like there is little relevance between two people sharing intimate pictures and the workplace, in fact it can trigger a real business crisis. Everything due to the so-called sextortion. Someone with...

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Valentine’s Day. 10 Tips for avoiding viruses

Valentine’s Day is the day of couples, red roses, hearts and… viruses. Cyber-criminals take advantage of this important date to carry out massive attacks using attached files or malicious links. Romantic videos, links to stores where you...


5 Tips for becoming a hacker

In the twenty-first century many professions have become virtual. Programmers, designers, Web analysts and community managers are just some of the new professions created by the Internet. However, there is one that without it this new Internet...

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6 tips for safe Web browsing

Today, February 10, is Safer Internet Day. Therefore, we want to share with you some tips for safer browsing. Most of the time, when you browse the Internet, shop online or simply check your bank accounts, all you need is a little common sense and...