5 simple tricks to boost your PC security

Because we rely on technology to manage every detail of our lives, devices are a natural target for criminals. Why steal your wallet when they can grab your online banking password and empty your account remotely? Keeping your PC and other devices...

Are your children ready to go back to school?

It is this time of the year when children are heading back to school. Not only will they be taking with them their memories from an amazing summer spent chasing Pokemons, and their hopes to have fun while learning more about the world… they’ll...


How to protect your children from cyber-bullying

As a new school year begins, many schools sadly will be setting out to tackle one of the most serious problems now spreading across classrooms: cyber-bullying. While new technologies have opened a whole new world of possibilities for children and...


Protect your data from device theft

Today, technology is all around us, and it comes with both the good and the bad. Make sure you take precautions before going on vacation this summer!

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My phone fell in the pool: how to revive a soaked phone

What is the first things to do with a wet phone? Whatever you do, do not attempt to dry it using heat. Forget about dryers, microwaves, ovens or other similar ideas. Learn our DIY tips and give your wet phone another lifeline.