10 Tips to Avoid Viruses on Halloween

  Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays, and cybercriminals always want to be part of it. As we get closer to Halloween, hackers take advantage of the most popular Hollywood titles to launch so-called BlackHat SEO attacks, i.e. false...


How to get the best out of your computer

You have surely, at one point or another, missed the speed at which your computer once worked when it was new. Now, when you turn it on, it takes an eternity to start up and you’re sat there wasting time. With time it is normal for the performance...

grandparents security

10 easy-to-follow online safety tips for grandparents

Online security has no age limits and we can all protect ourselves from cybercriminals without being experts in the field. All you need to do is adopt the traditional “don’t speak to strangers” advice and apply it to your online habits. Here...

connected devices

Keeping tabs on your employees in a multi-device environment

The traditional desktop computer is no longer the only device we use to get work done. For the past few years workers have increasingly begun to use their own smartphones and tablets for work. According to a study carried out by Tech Pro Research,...


5 security measures that experts follow (and so should you!)

When you’re watching a movie and you see the typical computer screen filled with green coding (you know the type, rows of 1s and 0s) you might get the impression that IT experts are magicians that work wonders with a mouse and a keyboard. Theirs...