Social Media

Do you stand by all your tweets?

A wise man once said: “You should never share anything on the internet unless you are ready for it to be seen by the whole world”. This is certainly something you should keep in mind especially if in fear of judgment… This is also something to...


Regain your privacy: Facebook’s new (creepy) ad system

Running a service as large as Facebook is extremely expensive. So rather than charge users like you and me a fee for accessing the social network, Facebook use our profiles to sell adverts. The more they know about us and our preferences, the more...


That no-good-Tinder-match wants to steal your money!

On Tinder, users make instantaneous decisions to swipe left or right—this is love in the time of the Smartphone, or so we think. You could actually be victims of an even larger plan... a scam to steal your money!


Cyber-criminals really “Like” Facebook

Social Media websites are used as popular communication platforms for cyber-criminals. In this article we explain how they share information and help eachother "phish" for personal information.