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twitter birds

Trolls on Twitter. How to avoid them

“We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform”, said Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, as he stepped down July 1, at the beginning of the year. This statement showed what any user of the social network already new: that Twitter...

instagram filters

Celebrities on Instagram. Are they putting their lives at risk?

Celebrities around the World, beware! Many of us have surrender to Instagram, but we have to advice that we are endangering ourselves! One can easily follow our steps if we publish our photos without caution. The filters used by this app, owned by...

skype scam

Skype worm reloaded  

Skype worms are not exactly new anymore (unfortunately). Scenario is simply: someone on your friends list got infected and is now sending you a link to a ‘funny image’ or pictures of you. In this case, you are being baited by a video of you....