Social Media


Facebook ads. How to avoid them?

Have you ever wondered why the advertisements that appear on your Facebook feed offer you the exact product and service that you are supposedly interested in? Have you also stopped to think about what information Candy Crush holds on you, or do you...

Ashley Madison

The lessons we’ve learnt from the Ashley Madison leak

The shockwaves that were caused by the massive leaking of user information from the online dating site Ashley Madison can still be felt. The attack that was inflicted upon the Canadian company has left both users and the general public stunned. As...


5 tips for protecting your YouTube account

Videos, videos, and more videos! The millions of YouTube users are probably unaware of the dangers when surfing the platform looking for the next viral hit. However, this Google service is in the eye-line of many cybercriminals. Through phishing...

twitter birds

Trolls on Twitter. How to avoid them

“We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform”, said Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, as he stepped down July 1, at the beginning of the year. This statement showed what any user of the social network already new: that Twitter...