Internet Security


Why Adaptive Defense 360?

A few days ago we published an interview on why Adaptive Defense was the solution against ransomware like Cryptolocker. Now, however, I’d like to go into further details on why Adaptive Defense 360 isn’t just the present and future for just...


Companies’ business continuity plans must improve

Disasters and security incidents happen. It is a fact. The problem is that organizations are still planning a response to these situations with little time, despite the fact that most of them have been forced to use a disaster recovery plan in the...

wifi airport

Public WiFi networks. Are they safe?

Airports, hotels… On vacation we also spend the whole day connected to the Internet. WhatsApp has in many countries become an essential tool for personal communication. We all want to be able to check Facebook, post photos on Instagram, tweet...

keyboard emojis

Passwords using emojis. Are they safer?

With SMS we saw how the language evolved in order to save characters, now the way we express ourselves through mobile devices has experienced a new transformation. With the arrival of instant messaging apps, with WhatsApp on top, there are people...