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How can I stop Cryptolocker from accessing my information?

It’s likely that you’ve asked yourself, on more than one occasion, how you can avoid a ransomware from gaining access to your private information and encrypting all of the files and data stored on your devices. As we always say, it is...


The 10 most alarming cyberattacks of 2015

Neither personal information nor fingerprints have been safe from cybercriminals in the past year and, as the year comes to a close, one thing is for sure – the more devices that we have, the more security we need. Throughout the course of the...


Apple implements security measures following disastrous year

Following a spate of security breaches and concerns, Apple has taken the steps to ensure that 2016 doesn’t see a repeat of the software problems that it suffered in recent months. The security measures have been widespread, with updates to their...