Internet Security


Demand grows across the world for cybersecurity experts

During the second quarter of 2015 there were 230,000 new malware samples created daily. This is one of the alarming details to emerge from the latest PandaLabs report, the security laboratory of Panda Security, which analyzes cyberattacks carried...

big data

Why Big Data is the new focus for information security

Big Data is the current buzzword in the technology sector, but in fields such as security it is much more than this – businesses are starting to bet strongly on the implementation of tools based on the collection and analyzing of large volumes of...

shopping online

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: How to shop safely online

As the year draws to a close, many retailers take the opportunity to slash the prices on goods, allowing us to take advantage of some great offers. With Christmas just around the corner, events such as Black Friday are great ways to get gifts for...


Debunking the myths around secure passwords

Most websites that we use today generally give you feedback on the passwords that you have created when setting up a new account, rating them either weak or strong. They also advise you to use a mix of upper and lower case letters, along with...


Key Account: How Yahoo hopes to do away with passwords

For all we know about creating secure passwords, it’s still a pain that practically every service we use requires one – they’re easy to forget and, if we don’t change them often, a cybercriminal could possibly run amok with them. So, there...


The goal of early cyber threat detection

The early detection of cyber threats has long been one of the biggest goals for the IT security sector. The rapid evolution of the different types of cyber-attacks has rendered the traditional detection systems helpless to differentiate between, and...