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beta defender

More protection in the Beta version of Global Protection 2016

Panda Security announces the beta version of Panda Global Protection 2016, with a more powerful and lighter detection engine. In addition, this version includes Wi-Fi protection and offers recommendations for safeguarding the network from intruders....

oil tanker, attack, phantom

Panda Security Uncovers Ongoing Attack Against Oil Tankers

Panda Security has released “Operation Oil Tanker: The Phantom Menace”, a groundbreaking report that details a malicious and largely unknown targeted attack on oil tankers. First discovered by Panda Security in January 2014, the ongoing attack...

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Panda Security audits the risk level of applications and users

Panda Security today announced the launch of Panda Audit Service, a new audit service to detect vulnerable applications, users and computers at risk, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and targeted attacks. The service is deployed across the network...