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The Nigerian Skype scam is back to try and trick us once again

It’s possibly one of the oldest and least plausible scams out there, but the infamous Nigerian scam is still a popular method used by cybercriminals as they look to that advantage of would-be victims online. What was once an email-based scam has...

whatsapp qr

WhatsApp to allow users to verify messages with a QR code

WhatsApp is set to unveil a new measure that will allow its millions of users to verify the validity of messages with a new encryption system that incorporates the scanning of a QR code. According to XatakaAndroid, the developers of WhatsApp have...


Worry for Samsung Galaxy users as calls could be intercepted

Whenever we talk over the phone we tend to give away lots of information about ourselves without even thinking about it. Whether it’s where we are or where we’re going to, confidential details about our professional life, or just daily...

el capitan

Panda Antivirus for Mac, compatible with El Capitan

September 30 saw the launch of El Capitan, Apple’s new operating system for its computers. So, if you already have Panda Antivirus for Mac installed on your computer, or you’re thinking about getting an antivirus for Mac, we’ve got you covered...

panda global retail team

We’ve presented the new #Panda2016 solutions to the media!

If you’ve ever tried out on of our products then you’ll know that we protect, and make easy, the day to day life of our customers. The digital world is getting more and more complex, at Panda we work to make the digital life of our users easy...