google play

Careful! Phishing Targeting Google Play Android Developers!

We have detected a phishing campaign targeting Android developers who are publishing their creations in Google Play, Android’s official app store. The from field in the email comes from “Play Developer Support”, with the subject “Update your...

dinero cibercrimen

The cost of cybercrime is multiplying

The damaging effects of cybercrime are bound not only to a matter of bad image and corporate reputation, but they also cause significant economic losses to companies and individuals who suffer from this type of incident. In fact, this figure is...

Android virus

The Police Virus strikes again! Android systems attacked!

The Spanish Police has warned of the reappearance of the Police Virus for Android. Here we explain you how can they attack your cell phone, and what can you do to protect it! *** Posted June 2, 2014 A few days ago a new Android malware showed up,...

iphone 6 plus

Watch out! A simple Arabic text message can crash your iPhone!

Do you have an iPhone? Yes? Well, then the following news may be of interest to you! A new security flaw has been discovered in iOS, Apple’s operating system. This vulnerability affects iPhones running iOS version 8.3, although other versions...


Scams have arrived on Instagram, watch out!

For several days now we have been seeing many brands promoting their Instagram accounts with contests and giveaways. But sadly, once again, this is a scam! The Spanish National Police has warned about it through their Twitter account. The alleged...