The security flaws affecting connected cars

If we imagine a world where the only cars that are on the highways are all smart cars, then we can rest assured that driving will be a lot safer. These cars are able to communicate between themselves to avoid collisions and can take alternative...

novena computer

Novena, the computer that doesn’t hold any secrets

“Has the computer become a black box, even to experienced electrical engineers? Will we be forever reliant upon large, opaque organizations to build them for us? Absolutely not, we say. And to prove our point, we built our very own laptop, from...

tor messenger logo

Tor Messenger, the new way of chatting anonymously

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Google Hangouts… the most popular instant messaging services aren’t necessarily the safest, with a low level of protection for personal information and a lack of security for the messages sent within them....


USB Killer: the storage tool that destroys your computer

Despite the increase in the storage of files and documents on cloud-based systems, the humble USB is still playing an integral part in our lives. From offices to homes, this convenient tool is used for quickly and easily transferring files from one...

whatsapp scams

The coupon scam that’s flooding WhatsApp

If you end up getting a WhatsApp that’s offering you a coupon for a discount at the likes of Ikea or McDonald’s then you’re right to be suspicious – none of these companies are giving away coupons and it’s like that  you’re being a...

talk talk

Telecoms giant TalkTalk suffers critical data breach

When it comes to protecting the private information housed within your company’s network, it’s been proved time and again that no business can afford to overlook the damage that a cyberattack can do. It’s also worth bearing in mind that an...