2015, the year of Cryptolocker

At the end of 2013 the first signs of what would eventually become one of the most lucrative attacks for cybercriminals were spotted. Cryptolocker is the name of the most popular family of ransomware, which has ended up being used as the name for...

virus viernes 13

The Most Famous Virus in History: Friday the 13th

Let’s keep remembering and recalling more viruses that have caused the biggest headaches for users. The virus Jerusalem, also known as Friday the 13th, was created in Israel in 1988 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of the...


10 Tips to Avoid Viruses on Halloween

  Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays, and cybercriminals always want to be part of it. As we get closer to Halloween, hackers take advantage of the most popular Hollywood titles to launch so-called BlackHat SEO attacks, i.e. false...

whatsapp for pc

Virus in the name of WhatsApp! Now via email!

WhatsApp – Você recebeu uma menssagem de voz… Have you also received this notification and understood it to mean that you have a voice message in WhatsApp? Yea, well, it’s nothing of the sort! As we already warned you in May,...