computer cryptolocker

CryptoLocker: What Is and How to Avoid it

CryptoLocker is a new family of ransomware whose business model (yes, malware is a business to some!) is based on extorting money from users. This continues the trend started by another infamous piece of malware which also extorts its victims, the...

whatsapp for pc

Virus in the name of WhatsApp! Now via email!

Profits are not the only thing brought by the voice calls in WhatsApp. We are sure that some of you are also worried about this. According to RedesZone, this new service has reactivated, and made more believable, an old scam. Do you want to know how...

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay has grown clones loaded with malware. Beware!

A few weeks ago, a court in Madrid issued a statement to block access to the home page of ‘The Pirate Bay’ and all associated domains. The court based on the premise of the Spanish “Ley Sinde” to provide torrent downloads stopping in...

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Cyber safety: one of the major companies concerns

I’m sure you have read about Sony’s latest leaks, the cyberattacks to Medias like The New York Times and the chaos created when cybercriminals paralyzed some banks payment networks. Nevertheless there are many other silent virtual crimes: both...