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Online Children

Eight things your kids shouldn’t do online

It’s not unusual nowadays to hear people say that if you want to know how to operate any technical device, ask a child, and they’re not kidding! Computers, tablets or smartphones with Internet access are all a part of children’s lives and kids...

frightened boy

How can we protect schools?

Protecting children online is one of parents’ biggest concerns. But have we stopped to think that is not only our computers at home that need protection? Kids also use computers at school. In order to protect them, schools must have a centralized...


Hospitals targeted by cyber-criminals

The last few months have witnessed a rise in attacks on hospital IT systems with a view to stealing sensitive data. So far in 2014 there has been a 600% increase in such crimes. Despite the benefits for hospitals of sharing patient data, this trend...

parental control

Parental Control. What is it? How is it installed?

The safety of children on the Internet is one of the greatest concerns for adults when their kids use computers. The content they can access, the Web pages they can see or the people who can contact them is a serious worry for parents. How can you...