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instagram filters

Celebrities on Instagram. Are they putting their lives at risk?

Celebrities around the World, beware! Many of us have surrender to Instagram, but we have to advice that we are endangering ourselves! One can easily follow our steps if we publish our photos without caution. The filters used by this app, owned by...

skype scam

Skype worm reloaded  

Skype worms are not exactly new anymore (unfortunately). Scenario is simply: someone on your friends list got infected and is now sending you a link to a ‘funny image’ or pictures of you. In this case, you are being baited by a video of you....

facebook tomb

What happens to my Facebook account when I die?

Photos, videos, status updates… Social networking sites store lots of information about you. Just take a look at your Facebook page’s wall. What do you see? Birthday pictures, your ‘Year in Review’ video, and hundreds of other things...

Twitter outage

Why has Twitter logged me out?

You may have woken up this morning to find a Twitter notice asking you to re-enter your Twitter account details. Has your password been stolen? Was this a case of identity theft? Relax! Just follow a few simple steps and your Twitter account will...

Christmas contest

Christmas contest! – Help us to get a safe Christmas!

As you have no doubt seen, these days we have been posting a series of articles to help ensure everyone enjoys a safe and happy Christmas! We want to help you to be able to shop online without any unpleasant surprises, and avoid falling for any of...