Internet Security


Access control for companies: Which system is the most secure?

Some time ago, the most common mechanism for getting into an office was a simple key. Simple but vulnerable. Conventional locks do not identify people and can be used by anyone. In addition, it is impossible to control the number of hours worked....


Nigerian scam on Skype. Beware of it!

It seems that the notorious Nigerian scam is not only carried out via email. As we have been able to confirm, Skype is also being used to trick us into believing that someone with a ton of money wants to share their fortune and that we are the...


If you have a flashlight app on your phone, be very careful!

The smartphone you keep in your pocket is amazing. It does everything. Despite all of the innovative things it does, one of the best features of smartphones is something as simple as it is old: the flashlight. Useful –in its own way– when taking...


How can you tell if a shortened link is secure?

At some time in our (digital) lives, we’re bound to come across shortened links or URLs, on social networks, for example, you can’t avoid them. There’s no doubting that they are highly useful. In a tweet, for example, characterized by the...


419 scam. How to recognize it

If you have an email address no doubt at some time or another you have received an email from some friendly soul claiming that you’ve won a large sum of money. Inevitably, in order to receive the money, you’ll first have to stump up a certain...