Internet Security


How to secure the files your company stores in the cloud

Goodbye CD, DVD and pen drive. When you need to share a document with a work colleague or you have to take work home, you no longer need to use physical storage devices: the cloud has everything you need. Services like Dropbox, Mega or Box have...


When cyber-attacks cause physical damage

We are used to hearing about cyber-attacks and the massive damage they cause to those affected. You do not need to go too far back to find some examples, such as the leaking of the photographs of celebrities in a compromising situation last summer...

parisa tabriz

Parisa Tabriz. Introducing Google’s ‘Security Princess’

Neither do princesses only appear in Disney movies nor is there only room for men in technology. There are various women in the ranks of the Mountain View giant but if we are talking about IT security, one of them stands out in particular. She chose...


The most cyber-attacked city is a model town

There’s a city in a secret place in the state of New Jersey where the public services are always a mess. Power cuts, water supply problems and even Internet outages. Then add to that banks, stores, hospitals, schools and public transport that...

Security tools NSA

Security tools that are safe from the NSA

U.S. Intelligence services have shown on numerous occasions how adept they are at accessing our data without permission. Nevertheless, there is still hope that you can keep your confidential information safe from the prying eyes of the NSA: Its...