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The most cyber-attacked city is a model town

There’s a city in a secret place in the state of New Jersey where the public services are always a mess. Power cuts, water supply problems and even Internet outages. Then add to that banks, stores, hospitals, schools and public transport that...

Security tools NSA

Security tools that are safe from the NSA

U.S. Intelligence services have shown on numerous occasions how adept they are at accessing our data without permission. Nevertheless, there is still hope that you can keep your confidential information safe from the prying eyes of the NSA: Its...


10 Tips for protecting your company’s email

Practically all important information that we work with nowadays reaches us via corporate email. That’s why email security is so important for companies. Here we offer some advice to bear in mind to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your...

Smartphone spy App

Can they spy on you through your smartphone microphone?

Smartphone users are highly sensitive about privacy, not least because so much personal data is stored in just a few square centimeters. We shudder at the thought of what happened to Jennifer Lawrence and company, and that it may happen to us;...

Major security attacks in 2014 – Part 2

Major security attacks in 2014 – Part 2

A few days ago we published a summary of six of the most important security attacks in 2014. Today we continue this list with some other notable attacks, which stood out not just because of the stature of the companies attacked, but also because of...