Internet Security

free antivirus

How to clean up your computer for free

  There are some viruses that although they don’t completely block a computer, they can still affect its performance. Have you noticed your computer slowing down but don’t know why? Do you think it could be infected? Try Panda Cloud...

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Disposable email address: easy, free and safe

After searching in Google for what appears to be ages, finally you find a web page that seems reliable, you start reading and realize that it contains all the information you were looking for! But your happiness is shattered when, suddenly, the host...


Ugly Mail: How to know if your emails are being tracked

Someone is spying on your company’s emails. Probably in your office names like Yesware, Bananatag or Streak don’t ring a bell, but they know a lot of things about you, and how your corporate email is managed. Because of these three services,...

Advanced Persistent Threat

How to avoid having your company’s files cyber kidnapped?

Over the last few years we have seen how ransomware infections have increased exponentially. Until now we have alerted mostly home users, but what happens when companies are the target? Without going any further, in Spain, between November and...