Internet Security


CSI: Cyber. A Fake Cyber Security TV Series?

It was bound to happen. The latest episode in the popular CSI series had all the ingredients to be not very faithful to reality. If we already far from credible elements in the versions of Las Vegas, Miami, and New York, what can we expect from...

smart TV curve

Smart TVs have become the new target for cyber criminals

Smart TVs bring along benefits that actual televisions can’t offer. Internet access and communication with other devices make possible choose your broadcast program, share your favorite shows, watch YouTube videos and use other apps that we...

chrome pin

Browsers security: Why do we ignore their warnings?

Sometimes, Google Chrome tells us to distrust a website and warns us that that site can be dangerous. But instead of listening to it, we ignore it. We are so obsessed on quickly reaching the neck click, that we don’t even read the message. A study...

shaking hands

Cyber safety: one of the major companies concerns

I’m sure you have read about Sony’s latest leaks, the cyberattacks to Medias like The New York Times and the chaos created when cybercriminals paralyzed some banks payment networks. Nevertheless there are many other silent virtual crimes: both...

dron flying

Cyber-criminals set their sights on drones

More and more cameras are watching us from the sky. And no, they don’t belong to the police or some intelligence agency, but to your neighbors. Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming a more common sight, and there is no shortage of people wanting...


How to secure the files your company stores in the cloud

Goodbye CD, DVD and pen drive. When you need to share a document with a work colleague or you have to take work home, you no longer need to use physical storage devices: the cloud has everything you need. Services like Dropbox, Mega or Box have...