Internet Security

venom snake

Venom: the security vulnerability in your floppy drive

A new security vulnerability is putting at risk computers all over the world. It is called “Venom” and the most odd thing is that exploits a vulnerability in something that almost no one uses anymore: the floppy drive. The bug itself is quite...


Security challenges in the digital era

The boom in information technology has led to a transformation which has been increasing in recent years due to the widespread adoption of Internet and mobile devices. Individuals and companies are all are imbued with ‘digital life’, which now...

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A JPEG may jeopardize your company’s network

We daily capture them on our phones. We have dozens of them stored on our computers. We share them on social networks and we love to see those of others. We are talking about the images in JPEG format, the most used one because when compressed the...

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Your likes in Facebook can be the passwords of the future

Do you remember, who was the last person you spoke on the phone with? And the first one you sent a WhatsApp message this morning? If the answer is yes, you might want to change your usual passwords for the answers to this questions. Do you imagine...