Internet Security


4 steps to avoid viruses

Protecting your computer is, very often, much easier than you might think. If you follow these four steps to prevent viruses, your computer won’t become infected again. Take care with Java, Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader As we have seen in...


5 million Gmail passwords leaked

Do you have a Gmail account? This may interest you! A Russian cybersecurity forum has published a file containing more than 5 million Gmail accounts. According to several experts, more than 60% of the username and password combinations were valid....

cyber competition

Teaching cyber-security from school age

As the Internet increasingly becomes part of our everyday lives and we use new technologies in all areas of our life, there’s an ever greater need for professionals capable of guaranteeing our security in these areas. However, in a field as new...

android apps

Recycled code may compromise the security of Android apps

Android is essentially an open-source operating system where anyone can contribute (manufacturers can integrate it freely in their own devices), and the community of Android developers often release the code of the applications they develop. This,...


New ransomware variant detected: Trj/Crypdef.A!

Our colleagues at PandaLabs have discovered a new strain of ransomware, a piece of malicious software which allows cyber-criminals to remotely lock the computers they infect. Ransomware locks computer systems and encrypts files, demanding the user...