Panda Security

icsa labs

ICSA stands out Panda Security for 15 years of excellence

The good performance and the excellence of Panda Security has been recognized by ICSA (International Computer Security Association) because of having received quality certifications on their products for the last 15 years. Panda Security received...


When printers and routers become weapons to make web pages fall

A single denial-of-service attack (DDoS) can make medium and large companies loose tens or hundreds of thousands of euros, according to most studies published in recent months. As we have mentioned before, this kind of attacks consist on saturating...

cloud based solution

How does Fusion protect Government bodies? – Case Study

We have many times talked about Fusion as a solution which protects, manages and offers remote support to all the IT infrastructure in your organization. But what if we talked about public institutions or Governments? Here you have two Case Studies...

email protection

How to ensure your company’s email with Email Protection

Did you know that… … 95% of the email received in the companies is either infected or spam? … insufficient email security means loss of productivity, server failure, saturated networks and decrease of the business activity?  … EP minimizes...