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online dating

The Future Of Internet Dating – Infographic

The Future Of Internet Dating The year is 2031. Internet dating is to thank (or blame) for a projected 50% of relationships globally. Smart phones and tablets replaced quills and love-letters long ago. Things move fast. The world is a jungle of...

broken cyber resolutions

Cyber Resolutions You’Ve Already Broken

Cyber resolutions you’ve already broken Resolution. I will not reuse passwords Having different passwords for every website you use increases your safety. A password is only as dependable as the least secure site that has it. You might be attached...


Now we are simplexity!

Making complex things simple. That’s the meaning of simplexity, and the basis of the transformation Panda has undergone. An internal and external transformation of the way we do things, and which signals the beginning of an ambitious five-year...

Christmas contest

#XMASPANDA contest winners!

We finally can communicate our #XMASPANDA contest winners. If you are one of our Twitter winners, send us a Direct Message. Then if you are the one from Facebook , you can send us a Private Message too. We need the following details: Name Address...