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Christmas contest

Christmas contest! – Help us to get a safe Christmas!

As you have no doubt seen, these days we have been posting a series of articles to help ensure everyone enjoys a safe and happy Christmas! We want to help you to be able to shop online without any unpleasant surprises, and avoid falling for any of...

Panda 2015 team

Presentation of the 2015 Consumer Antivirus Solutions

Today is not just another Monday! Aching muscles, photos in red jumpsuits, exciting stories… What are we talking about? About the presentation of our 2015 product line, of course! Unashamedly proud of our new XMT scan engine, on Friday we decided...

avoid captcha

Fed up with CAPTCHA? How to avoid it?

It is always annoying. You enter a website and suddenly, a CAPTCHA assaults you in doubt over whether you are human or a robot with, generally, malicious intentions. Some crossed out or distorted characters that you must decipher so that the system...


Panda Cloud Antivirus FREE is now Panda Free Antivirus!

To coincide with the launch of the Panda Security 2015 consumer products, Panda Cloud Antivirus FREE Edition is from today the new Panda Free Antivirus, and as such joins the family of consumer products from Panda Security.   Why have we...

The best antivirus for protecting Windows XP

Panda Security, the best antivirus for protecting Windows XP

As we’ve mentioned before, on April 8, Microsoft stopped supporting and releasing updates for one of its most popular operating systems, Windows XP. The only exception the company has made since then was in May, when it released a patch to resolve...

google maps

Google Maps. An attack on your business could ruin you

‘If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist’. This phrase, one of the first to be coined in the 21st Century, gets truer by the day. Just try searching the Web with the Internet giant’s search engine or using its maps and you can see for...