5 million Gmail passwords leaked

Do you have a Gmail account? This may interest you! A Russian cybersecurity forum has published a file containing more than 5 million Gmail accounts. According to several experts, more than 60% of the username and password combinations were valid....


Apple denies its services were hacked

  “Celebgate” -as the theft and publication of private photos of more than 100 actresses and models has come to be known – is not only affecting the direct victims of the theft but also the companies that have been implicated in the...

jennifer lawrence oscar

Jennifer Lawrence: Victim of a security hole in iCloud?

If you are on Twitter you may have noticed the actress Jennifer Lawrence has been ‘Trending Topic’ since yesterday afternoon.   The reason? The leak of nude photos of the 2013 Academy Award winner on the /b/ forum of 4Chan. She has...


UPS stores attacked in the USA

UPS, the international courier service, may have been the victim of a cyber-attack using a virus detected in 51 of the company’s US stores. A company spokesperson confirmed that the attack could have compromised confidential information, including...

USA to turn veterans into cyber-warriors

The USA aims to turn veterans into cyber-warriors

Paradoxically, there is a hole in cyber-security, at least when it comes to personnel. Even though businesses and institutions are increasingly aware of the importance of this sector in the area of new technologies, there is a shortage of computer...

The largest ever theft of passwords uncovered

The largest ever theft of passwords uncovered

What appears to be the greatest theft of user credentials in history has been reported by Hold Security, a small US security firm. No less than 1,200 million login credentials have been stolen from numerous websites around the world. Although all...