smartphone with a QR code

How to withdraw money safely without a credit card

We have been warned many times, advised to hide the hand while dialing our secret number when withdrawing money from an ATM. However, cloning credit cards or phishing is a criminal offense that doesn’t require the cybercriminal’s physical...


CSI: Cyber. A Fake Cyber Security TV Series?

It was bound to happen. The latest episode in the popular CSI series had all the ingredients to be not very faithful to reality. If we already far from credible elements in the versions of Las Vegas, Miami, and New York, what can we expect from...

whatsapp voice calls

Watch out! WhatsApp Calling, the new WhatsApp scam!

Since WhatsApp announced that they were adding free voice calls to its services, cybercriminals have been trying to take advantage of it, and they have done it! How are they doing it? Via a WhatsApp message which invites the users to “try” the...


The largest bank robbery in history

US newspaper The New York Times has published a fascinating news story about what could be the largest bank robbery in history. According to the article, the thieves have stolen at least $300 million but this figure could be triple that amount,...