Scams have arrived on Instagram, watch out!

For several days now we have been seeing many brands promoting their Instagram accounts with contests and giveaways. But sadly, once again, this is a scam! The Spanish National Police has warned about it through their Twitter account. The alleged...


How to reduce spam in almost 40%: Follow Canada’s example

It was the year 2004 and Bill Gates dared to predict the spam’s death was near. According to him, in only two years spam wouldn’t be a problem. In 2006 nothing had changed. Eleven years after that failed prediction, spam continues to flood daily...


Russian models that fall in love with you… it’s a scam!

“I want to chat with you” if you have received an email with this subject, or something similar, with the picture of a beautiful Miss Russia, just ignore it! She is not contacting you because she has fallen deeply in love with you. The Spanish...

icsa labs

ICSA stands out Panda Security for 15 years of excellence

The good performance and the excellence of Panda Security has been recognized by ICSA (International Computer Security Association) because of having received quality certifications on their products for the last 15 years. Panda Security received...

computer office

Cyber-attacks made it into the Global Risks TOP 10

Almost every day, we hear news about cybercriminals leaking confidential information, cyber-attacks to the media, massive cases of phishing or WhatsApp scams. That’s why for the first time risks from cyber-attacks are part of the TOP 10 Global...

minecraft panda

When Minecraft Meets IT Security

  The phenomenon that is Minecraft began life back in 2009 as a sandbox construction game and has grown into one of the most popular games in history with hundreds of millions of players all over the world interacting via computers, consoles...