WhatsApp encrypts messages for Android users

After the arrival of the blue double-check to confirm that the message has been read, WhatsApp has set out to clean up their image and transmit the idea that they too safeguard user privacy. To do this, they have just announced a latest update...


White House wants to replace passwords with selfies

There’s one question that appears on any Internet platform on which you have to verify your identity with a password: “Forgotten your password?” Companies nowadays know how forgetful we users can be. Particularly when it comes to remembering a...


Seven million Dropbox passwords may have been compromised

Recently, it would appear that there is no Internet service whose users’ data hasn’t been compromised. Now it’s the turn of Dropbox, the cloud storage service, which has had hundreds of its users’ passwords leaked and it’s claimed that...


200,000 Snapchat images leaked

After Celebgate, the leaking of private photos and videos of Hollywood actresses and models such as Jennifer Lawrence, now users of Snapchat have seen the security of their files compromised. Snapchat is a mobile app for sending images and messages...