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Cyber safety: one of the major companies concerns

I’m sure you have read about Sony’s latest leaks, the cyberattacks to Medias like The New York Times and the chaos created when cybercriminals paralyzed some banks payment networks. Nevertheless there are many other silent virtual crimes: both...

skype scam

Skype worm reloaded  

Skype worms are not exactly new anymore (unfortunately). Scenario is simply: someone on your friends list got infected and is now sending you a link to a ‘funny image’ or pictures of you. In this case, you are being baited by a video of you....

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Yet another ransomware variant!

Recently we caught what seems to be a new ransomware variant in our nets. The mail contained a file called “Transferencia devuelta pago erroneo” (translated: “Transfer back erroneous payment”) with the .cmd extension and is actually just an...

encrypted file

A new strain of ransomware is on the loose! Watch out!

Our colleagues at PandaLabs have detected a new strain of ransomware: Trj/RansomCrypt.B. Known as CTB-Locker, what is different about this example is that if you pay, you can access all the locked files. This type of malware normally reaches...

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Be careful if you use Linux in your company: It is not immune

The most common open operating systems are often seen, and not without its reasons, as a good option for companies. Unlike Windows, installation is free or costs very little and they do not need constant upgrading. Another benefit is security....