10 Tips to Avoid Viruses on Halloween

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays, and cybercriminals always want to be part of it. As we get closer to Halloween, hackers take advantage of the most popular Hollywood titles to launch so-called BlackHat SEO attacks, i.e. false Google...

what is phishing

What is Phishing?  

No doubt you have wondered and asked yourself on more than one occasion, what is phishing and how can it affect you. All of us know that it is some type of scam, although perhaps there are many who don’t know exactly what it is or the techniques...

PandaLabs Anual Report 2013

Twenty percent of all malware appeared in 2013

Twenty percent of all malware ever known first appeared in 2013; some 30 million new strains were created, that’s around 82,000 a day. According to PandaLabs’ Annual Report 2013, the amount of malware created last year has broken all records....