The most dangerous types of malware

Cybercriminals that perform malware attacks have an easy target: SMEs and freelancers that don’t worry about their cybersecurity.  Most of them don’t have a professional antivirus that can protect their business from the biggest threats on the...


They’ll hack your Android in T Minus 10 seconds

The word that scared all Google users last summer is back and worse than ever. Stagefright, nicknamed by its founder Metaphor, is even more dangerous in its new version. Much like its name’s meaning, Stagefright, hides deep in the Android...


Who are the most famous hackers in history?

  Since the beginning of the internet, there have been hackers who have used the Net to benefit at the expense of other users.  Some have managed to attack so many people, or companies and institutions so large, that they have become...

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Locky malware report

The main objective of the Locky malware is to encrypt certain system files and network drives to coerce the affected user into paying a ransom to recover them. It renames all encrypted document as hash.locky files. Systems are infected via an email...