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Why become a Partner?
Why become a Partner?

Why become a Partner?

Partners Panda Security


Because by joining Panda Security's Partner Program you will have access to a series of exclusive special promotions, you will enjoy 24x7 technical support, you will be offered continuous training and you will benefit from marketing programs designed to meet the specific needs of your clients.

You will see an incremental increase in revenue and margins

By joining the Panda Partner Program, you will see your revenue and operating margins increase as our business relationship becomes stronger. As you meet the quality and quantity targets agreed, so the benefits to you will increase.

Our BUSINESS MODEL is simple and collaborative

Our partner community is a fundamental pillar in our corporate strategy. The Panda Security Partner Program is designed to enable our partners to deliver and integrate all types of security solutions: from the most basic to the most complex.

Our program sets out clearly defined categories for all our partners, offering incremental returns in line with the level of commitment.

We are leaders in PROTECTION

The new security model developed by Panda Security, based on Collective Intelligence, is the simplest and most effective way of protecting our clients. Collective Intelligence allows us to maximize our detection capacity while minimizing resource consumption.

Our security model complements traditional protection with innovative technologies, such as preventive protection to combat new threats, Collective Intelligence, and of course, our Cloud Computing solutions.

We are leaders in TECHNOLOGY

Panda Security is in the vanguard of the fight against computer threats. We reinvest over 25 percent of our turnover in R&D and we have Panda Research, a specialized division made up of a team of experts who develop our unique latest generation technologies, such as TruPrevent. That is why we are first in Collective Intelligence, first in HIPS and first in preventive technologies and behavioral detection. Panda was also the first IT security company to deliver a cloud-based security service. At Panda, innovation is more than just a word: it is the reason we exist.

We offer SOLUTIONS to meet all needs

Panda Security covers the protection needs at all different layers of the corporate network, from the endpoint to the perimeter, offering a complete lineup of cloud services. The combination of our security solutions with our partners' consultancy and integration services ensure that we can meet all our clients' needs.

Our solutions also offer centralized management, full scalability, low resource consumption and adaptability to multiple platforms.

We are EXPERTS in security

At Panda Security we specialize in security. PandaLabs, one of the best and most widely acclaimed laboratories in the industry, has a powerful datacenter infrastructure to cope with avalanches of malware.

Our tech support services are manned by true security experts. We also develop most of our protection technologies internally to offer fully integrated solutions.

Because you can offer your clients the added value of SECURITY as a SERVICE

Panda Security is a pioneer in the development of cloud computing security solutions. As a Panda Security partner, you will be able to offer your clients a complete cloud-based solution, providing continuous, hands-free protection.

Because we are a MULTINATIONAl with a global presence

Panda Security is an international leader in security solutions based on cloud computing and we are committed to offering global protection. With offices in more than 56 countries, we have products translated into more than 23 languages and 2.5 million customers worldwide. Our mission is to keep our customers' information and IT assets safe from security threats, giving them the most effective protection with minimal resource consumption.