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Internet Protection

SaaS security and Web traffic Control:
The light, safe, simple and complete solution


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Internet Protection

SaaS security for your Web traffic

Maximum antimalware protection against any Web threat

Prevents information leakage

No upfront investment, no maintenance

Web-based management anywhere, anytime

Immediate startup

Our corporate solutions include 24x7 support all year round.

Maximum protection

  • Anti-malware and Web protection against bots, phishing, malicious active content and other Web 2.0 threats
  • Automatic transparent updates

Minimum costs. Resource-friendly

  • No upfront investment, no maintenance del hardware and software
  • Predictable costs
  • Without dedicated resources
  • Cloud-based threat analysis and classification to free up system resources


  • Profile-based security policies
  • Real-time dynamic URL filtering
  • Identification and control of downloaded applications
  • Bandwidth allocation for business-critical applications (CRM, VoIP)

Easy to use, easy to maintain

  • Immediate startup
  • Centralized administration and Web-based management anywhere, anytime 24x7
  • Flexible installation
  • Maintenance and upgrades by Panda Security

Regulatory compliance

  • Compliance policies to prevent leakage of sensitive information (DLP – Data Leak Prevention)
  • Centralized security management, forensic reports

Proven and reliable services. 24x7 support all year round.

  • Anti-malware and Web protection against bots, phishing, malicious active content and other Web 2.0 threats
  • Web browsing control
  • Granular control of Web 2.0 applications, not related to work.
  • Bandwidth usage control.
  • Dynamic and static URL filtering.
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • Forensic analysis of Internet activity
Cloud Internet Protection
Cloud Internet Protection

Web console accessible from anywhere, 24x7

Ultra-low latency: Minimum traffic redirection requirements and zero latency

Consolidated reports - Global, integrated and real-time Web reporting.


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