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Error 0006:0010 when trying to activate my Panda 2013 product  


Error code 0006:0010 returned upon activating Panda 2013 products.


  • You are typing an email address in the Customer Number field.
  • The Regional and Language Options settings in Windows are not correct.


  • For the first case, either type in the correct Customer Number or leave this field blank.
  • For the second case, you need to change and reset the language settings. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Remove the language from the Regional and Language settings in the Control Panel and choose any other suitable option both in the general settings as well as in the advanced options. For further help on how to do this, refer to Microsoft’s knowledge base.
    2. Next, activate your Panda 2013 product.
    3. Finally, restore your language in the Regional and Language Options settings.


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