Types of Malware

Types of Malware

The best way to defeat your enemy is to understand him.

The main threats we face are:


Security Threats to mobile devices(Smartphones, PDA) are on the rise, as more sensitive information is stored on them.

Crimeware: the silent epidemic

Malware evolves to focus on obtaining financial returns


Malware is hidden to increase its useful life span and avoid detection.


All you need to know to understand viruses and other malware.


Spyware is perhaps the most worrying of all IT threats, as it intrudes on your privacy without you realizing

Phishing: personal data theft

Have you received an email message from your bank, in which you are asked to verify your account details?

Spam: Unsolicited email messages

Miracle products? Make money easily? Unbeatable mortgage terms? Spam, spam, wonderful spam.