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Panda Virtual GateDefender Performa

Consolidate the cloud into your virtual IT infrastructure


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Panda Virtual GateDefender Performa

Efficiency through virtualization and consolidation

Your perimeter under control

Easy to install and manage

Hard as a rock real-time security

4 stars of 5 – TCN
March 2011

Why hybrid cloud?

  • The hybrid cloud enables to maintain an on-premise control over their data, including logs and registries, while harnessing the detection capacity of the cloud
  • All the flexibility and control of an on-premise solution with the real-time detection capacity of the cloud

The main benefits of this solutions are:

1. Efficiency through virtualization and consolidation

  • Save space, energy, time and money through server consolidation.
  • VMware Ready™ verification guarantees the VGDP is optimized to run on your VMware infrastructure
  • Highly scalable and rapidly implemented.
  • Reduce administration over heads through central control of all protections modules.
  • Reduce time invested in change-management by exporting configurations from test environments to production environments.
  • Automatic load balancing ensures optimized network operations in multi appliance networks.

2. Hard as a rock real-time security

  • Detection of known and unknown Internet threats and spam thanks to real-time cloud based detection.
  • Complete Secure Content Management appliance:
    • Antimalware
    • Antispam
    • Web filtering
    • Content filtering
    • The ability to selectively block IM/P2P/VoIP/Spotify communications
  • Highly preventive:
    • Detects and disinfects unknown threats without administration intervention.
  • Blocks non-business related activities and applications that are known entrance points for malware.

3. More control

  • Web activity.
  • User productivity.
  • Business resources.
  • Unified and real time reports allow:
    • Identify security and traffic problems.
    • Justify technological investment.

4. Simple to set up, easy to manage

  • Set-it and forget it.
  • All protection modules can be managed from a single web based console
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
Integrated proactive detection: Collective intelligence, cloud technology, heuristic engines and quarantine are combined to optimize detection of threats
Complete protection: against malware and potentially dangerous content, spam and unproductive Web content
VMware Ready™
Continuous and transparent updates in real-time guarantee the appliance operates effectively in unattended mode after installation
Protocols such as P2P/IM/VoIP/Spotify can also be restricted
Detection of zombies, in individual computers and mail servers
User friendly, intuitive web console accessible at anytime
Granular profile based policies
Customized warnings distributed via SMTP, SNMP and Syslog
Periodic activity notifications via email
Easy-to-follow reports support compliance requirements and audit trails
Real-time system monitoring
High scalability and load balancing
Simple integration with LDAP / Active Directory facilitates
QoS (Quality of Service)
Antimalware filtering

Detects and blocks all types of damaging threats to the corporate network. Cloud technology ensures networks are protected against zero day threats.


The Content-Filter lets you customize the types of files and messages to be filtered.

Anti-spam protection

Panda Virtual GateDefender Performa checks corporate email, reducing the impact of spam on the productivity of the user.

Real-time web filtering protection

The Web filter can restrict access to web pages with non-business related and potentially dangerous content simply by selecting prohibited categories.

P2P/IM/VoIP/Spotify filter

Panda Virtual GateDefender Performa lets you block the use of applications / protocols that can represent an important security hole in addition to their drastic impact on bandwidth consumption:

  • Instant Messaging (IM). Tech Specs
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) programs.
  • VoIP.
  • Web 2.0 protocols such as Spotify.

Regardless of network tipology or traffic volumes all business security needs are covered.

System performance for each product version:

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