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GateDefender Integra & Performa (legacy)

Product Documentation

GateDefender Integra & Performa (legacy)

Softwareversion: 4.00 og ældre.

Modeller: Integra SB, Integra 100, Integra 300, Performa 8050, Performa SB, Performa 8100, Performa 8200, Performa 9050, Performa 9100, Performa 9200, Performa 9500.

GateDefender Integra

Installationsvejledning og -tjenester.
Gendan guide.
User guide.
'How-to' guides for configuring VPNs with GateDefender Integra (version 1.01).

How-to: How to configure PPTP VPNs roadwarrior (remote user) to gateway (office).

How-to: How to configure L2TP VPN tunnel roadwarrior (remote user) to gateway (office).

How-to: How to configure VPN SSL roadwarrior (remote user) to gateway (office).

How-to: How to configure IPSEC roadwarrior-to-gateway using The GreenBow Client.

How-to: Configure IPSEC gateway-to-gateway.

How-to: Configure SNAT.

How-to: Configure DNAT in order to publish internal services via Internet.

How-to: How to configure SSL VPN tunnel gateway (office) to gateway (office).

How-to: Configure the Web access in various Integra interfaces.

How-to: Practical guide to configuring high availability in GateDefender Integra.

Description of the SNMP database.


GateDefender Performa

Produktblad for partnere
Web filter Produktblad.
Installation Guide.