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Panda Security offers you these On-Premise Solutions:


These solutions adapt to the specific needs of each business:

  • Advanced protection configuration and management
  • Protection for Exchange, Domino, email and Internet gateways, etc.
  • Detailed reports

Panda Security for Business and the other corporate software solutions from Panda Security are based on modular, flexible and scalable architecture.

Panda Gatedefender eSeries is a family of appliances offering perimeter protection that filters traffic before it reaches your company’s IT devices. These perimeter solutions adapt flexibly and transparently to the needs of your network, consolidating your first line of defense and delivering connectivity between offices and control over employee productivity.

Panda Security On-Premise solutions interact perfectly to offer maximum protection with a minimal impact on your network performance, adapting to your specific protection needs.

Take complete control of your company’s security policies and enjoy maximum, real-time protection thanks to Collective Intelligence.

If you want to keep your security infrastructure within your own network and manage it yourself, our On-Premise solutions offer maximum protection with maximum control over your network.