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Over 200,000 new malware strains are detected every day, including a new breed of highly sophisticated targeted attacks aimed at corporate networks and capable of staying under the radar of traditional antivirus and firewall solutions.

Panda Advanced Protection Service is a new security model which ensures complete network protection by monitoring, controlling and classifying the behavior of each application running on every computer throughout the organization. This solution leverages innovative technologies to determine the precise nature of every file, enabling the execution of legitimate applications only (goodware).




Provides real-time visibility into each action taken by the applications running on a system.
Classifies each file and process running on the network, applying cutting-edge machine learning techniques and Big Data analytics.
Rids systems of latest-generation malware and provides forensic information to analyze each attempted attack in detail.
Blocks applications and isolates systems to prevent future attacks.



"There is widespread agreement that advanced attacks are bypassing our traditional signature-based security controls and persisting undetected on our systems for extended periods of time. The threat is real. You are compromised; you just don’t know it."







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Panda Advanced Protection Service monitors the behavior of all applications running on Windows servers and endpoints, generating file behavior data which is processed in the cloud by our Big Data infrastructure, and thereby ensuring our protection stays one step ahead of latest generation malware.




Comprehensive monitoring of applications allows us to:

Endpoint Monitoring
Continuous monitoring of all processes running on users’ computers. Complete visibility into all actions taken by installed applications (access to the registry, outbound communications, etc.) via execution graphs and heat maps.
Full traceability
Visibility into the complete threat lifecycle (from identification of attack vectors to infection containment).
History reports
Panda Advanced Protection Service logs all information produced from the time the infection took place to evaluate its impact and scope.



Big Data Analytics
Scalable Big Data Analytics and data mining technologies in the cloud to achieve highly accurate results when cataloging processes running on endpoints.
Controlled environment
Comprising real devices in our cloud to obtain all relevant information on the behavior of applications run by users. Machine learning systems in the cloud analyze hundreds of characteristics of each file.
Machine learning
Cloud-based machine learning engines that evaluate the actions triggered by each process run and the characteristics of each file managed on the customer's network.



Trustability level
Blocks all applications that are not trusted by Panda Security.
Extended Blocking mode
Prevents all unclassified applications from running until the automated systems and Panda Security’s expert team have analyzed and assessed the level of danger.



"18% of new malware goes undetected during the first 24 hours and 2% is still not detected three months later"



"18% of new malware goes undetected during the first 24 hours and 2% is still not detected three months later"



Ensure complete network protection

In Basic Blocking mode, Panda Advanced Protection Service allows the execution of goodware applications as well as those applications not yet categorized by Panda Security’s malware experts and automated systems.

In Extended Blocking mode, Panda Advanced Protection Service only allows applications classified as goodware to run. The Extended Blocking feature is the perfect solution for companies looking for zero risk in information systems.
Forensic reports

View Execution graphs on the events triggered by malware.

Consult Heat maps with visual information about the destination of malware communications, the files created and much more.

Identify software with critical vulnerabilities.
Protection of vulnerable systems

Where systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer (e.g. Windows XP), and consequently no longer updated, they become a surefire target for latest generation and zero-day attacks that exploit system vulnerabilities. Protect them with our light and highly robust security solution.
Fully managed service

Panda Advanced Protection Service requires no investment in specialized personnel to manage quarantines, suspicious files, disinfect and reinstall infected computers, etc. Panda Advanced Protection Service classifies all applications automatically by using machine learning techniques and Big Data analytics under constant supervision and control from specialized PandaLabs technicians.

Malware disinfection

Remove hidden malware that traditional security solutions cannot detect.
SIEM module

Panda Advanced Protection Service integrates with SIEM products (QRadar, ArcSight…), providing detailed information about the activities of all the applications running on the network.

Customers who don’t have a SIEM solution can also benefit from Panda Advanced Protection Service’s own security event storage and management system. This tool collects and analyzes network data in real time, allowing organizations to obtain graphical representations of behavior patterns and trends on the corporate network.
Continuous monitoring of network status

Panda Advanced Protection Service alerts you immediately if threats are detected on the network, generating a complete report with the location, the devices infected and the action taken by the malware.

Receive daily reports by email detailing the service activity.